My forever love..

My forever love..



The meaning of my Facebook post:

To my darling Dark Knight,

I wish I was there to comfort you in your fatigue from fighting crime in Gotham and to provide restful sleep for you in the way that only a sex kitten can.

I am sure that you are stressed out from the never ending criminal element in Gotham, and yet you have not mentioned being stressed once lately which is very brave and admirable of you.

Thank you for sending Bat Signals to me so that my imagination does not think the worst and this lets me be more understanding.

aka Your Sex Kitten



The meaning behind this post which I originally posted on Facebook in September 2015:

At the time, I had met an amazing man who started a new job which became very demanding on his time and this was unfortunately just after I made the biggest mistake of my life. My defense mechanism had made me say the wrong thing to him. And I think all of this led to our eventual demise. I think I messed things up because he was so important to me, and that scared me. He is still very important to me. I never told him that I loved him. And I am still in love with him..

The post was about me (Catwoman) being supportive and understanding of him (Batman) while he was working on launching an important work project. I respected his work and admired him for being so strong despite his weariness and stress. We were living in different cities, but I would have flown to his city if he asked me to.

I wish things had turned out differently. I know now that he was probably my forever love. I tried to repair things but maybe it was too late, maybe it was the wrong time, maybe he just didn’t care enough, or maybe it was fate. Every day since September 2015 to the present moment, I break down in tears. My daily “tearful moments” because I miss him so much. He doesn’t know how I feel about him. I don’t want to burden him with my feelings. I have no idea what is on his mind or in his heart. I know I hurt him before, and I will always regret that. How can I hurt the one person whom I love the most? I wish we had our happy ending.

We had things in common such as technology, web development, Batman, Star Wars, comic books, reading, and so on. He was much more versed in various topics than I was. I remember when he teased me about not being a true Star Wars fan because I did not know who Lawrence Kasdan was. I wish I had taken more interest in his passions, such as music and Star Trek etc. His imagination and creativity were beyond what I had known before.

He is a really good man. His heart is beyond the realm of average. He takes very good care of his family and he really cares about people. He was always considerate and caring towards me. He was able to communicate and listen to me, and willing to work on improving our communication. He has the most beautiful dog and I always believed that a man who loves dogs is a man who has a good character, and that is true of him. He is handsome and it frustrated me that he was so gentlemanly. He is the most intelligent man whom I have met in my lifetime, and I have always wanted to date a  man who is smarter than me. Well, I finally met a man who is smarter than me but I was stupid enough to lose him. I had no complaints about him. He was just perfect for me.

You may not always end up with your soulmate, but you will always love him..


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