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Vera Wang’s sexy bridal collection

The title of Yahoo’s article, Vera Wang Creates a “Very, Very, Very Sexy” Film to Show Off Her Latest Bridal Collection, sounds amazing. Check out Vera Wang’s new sexy bridal collection!    


Lingerie for him

Love making your man happy? This is my latest way and he loves it! Buy a very sexy, beautiful piece of lingerie. For example, I bought this very sexy bra recently and wore it on an evening when we were relaxing at home together. I said to my love, “I went shopping and I bought

Smashbox Photo Finish Showcase

The Highest Ranked Primer Right Now

My favorite primer has been ranked #1! I LOVE Smashbox Photo Finish. Makes my make up look perfect and even throughout the night for bedroom play..


Definition of love

My friends ask me what is my definition of love. It’s simple. For me, LOVE is true love, unconditional love, the love you feel for someone whose happiness is more important than your own. Neverending passion. Love is absolute and about committing to the one person who is your world. And you are his world.


Victoria’s Secret’s Angels

Victoria’s Secret needs a new Angel strategy   Business Insider wrote that Victoria’s Secret needs a new Angel strategy. The reason why I don’t shop often at Victoria’s Secret is that its lingerie is too basic and boring. I want lingerie that is very sexy and gorgeous. If I’m buying lingerie, I want something risqué


Real Designer Handbag?

How To Tell If A Designer Handbag Is Real   A common question that a fashionable girl asks: “I think there a few things that really stand out when somebody is looking to find an authentic bag, and usually it comes down to materials being used, including the hardware, the leather, the stitching, and what