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Apple Watch Design

A very intellectual read of how the Apple Watch was designed.  

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Review

Are you buying the Apple Watch? The reviews are in for the Apple Watch: “The verdict? It’s not a perfect product. It has some first generation flaws, and other quirks. There’s a bit of a learning curve. And you probably shouldn’t buy one. But. But! It’s the best smartwatch out there and just oozes

Star Wars Xbox 360 Console

Star Wars Xbox

The Star Wars themed Xbox 360 package includes an R2-D2 blue-and-white themed console, a custom Xbox 360 Wireless Controller inspired by C-3PO and the first ever white Kinect sensor. Plus a copy of the Kinect Star Wars game and Kinect Adventures.


New Macbook Reviews

Mashable Tech says: “On the one hand, it’s ultra-light at two pounds, has nine hours of battery life, brandishes a gorgeous 12-inch Retina display and comes in three colors — including gold. On the other hand, the super-thin laptop has a new, flatter keyboard with keys that have less travel depth, an underpowered Intel Core

Smashbox Photo Finish Showcase

The Highest Ranked Primer Right Now

My favorite primer has been ranked #1! I LOVE Smashbox Photo Finish. Makes my make up look perfect and even throughout the night for bedroom play..


Gold Macbook Porn

The newly redesigned comes in gold. And it’s gorgeous.   Mashable notes: With an Intel core processor, a full-sized keyboard featuring 17% bigger keys and a Force Touch trackpad that detects how much pressure and force you put on the trackpad (and responds by giving you pop-up definitionsof words and Wikipedia details), it’s impressive to


Shironeko, the Zen Cat

Photos of Shironeko, the Zen Cat, always make my day happier!


Definition of love

My friends ask me what is my definition of love. It’s simple. For me, LOVE is true love, unconditional love, the love you feel for someone whose happiness is more important than your own. Neverending passion. Love is absolute and about committing to the one person who is your world. And you are his world.